Thursday, September 28, 2006

Then They Chuckle At You...

Buried in today's Syracuse Post-Standard under this story about the election for the county Democratic party chair is coverage of Maffei's internal poll showing him within striking distance of Walsh.

First they ignore you.
The poll isn't causing much of a stir in the incumbent's camp, said Dan Gage, Walsh's spokesman.

Then they chuckle at you:
"It's not a 4 percent race," said Gage with a chuckle. "Have all the negative ads had an effect? Yes, you throw enough mud and some it it's going to stick, but it's not going to affect it that much."

He said the Walsh campaign has done polls that show very different results. It is the campaign's policy, however, not to release their internal polls.

The only reason I can imagine for them not releasing their own numbers is because they're not enough better than Maffei's.

How does it go next? Oh yes. Then they fight you. I'm waiting for Walsh's campaign to admit that their popular, household-word, "famous before he was born" 9-term "moderate Republican" incumbent boss has squandered a 29 point lead and is now in a dogfight with a virtual unknown.

And then you win.

I hope so, especially after hearing how "moderate" Republican Walsh yesterday voted against habeas corpus and for torture.


Blogger Carla said...

Heya Redlami.. we were discussing on dkos a few days ago about the possible audience for the upcoming debate. I got news back that yes there is an audience, and I can "possibly" be in it, but I would have to submit my question before hand.
I'm drawing a blank honestly. Thought about asking Walsh to explain the habeas corpus/torture votes, but there has to be something better. Since I am very new to this district, can you suggest some good questions for me to submit? Feel free to email me

10/06/2006 8:24 PM  

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