Monday, September 25, 2006

Walsh's Huge Lead Over Maffei Evaporates

A new poll has some great news: Benenson Strategy Group. 9/20-21. Registered voters. MoE 4.85% (March results)

25th Congressional District

Walsh (R) 44 (52)
Maffei (D) 40 (23)

According to these numbers, 9-term Republican incumbent Walsh has managed to lose a nearly 30 point lead to Democratic challenger Dan Maffei, and is now in a statistical dead heat, according to results of a new poll by Democratic pollster Pete Brodnitz of Benenson Strategy Group

Walsh's favorable/unfavorable ratio has gone from 56/20 to 51/36, pretty low for a long-term incumbent without a hint of scandal. Maffei's name recognition is still low; his favorable/unfavorable ratio has gone from 6/2 to 24/13.

Granted it's a commissioned poll, but even so these numbers come as a real shocker. Maffei's team and other parties have done a good job of tying Walsh to the rubber-stamp Republican congress.

"Jim Walsh has never been held accountable for his record of voting lock-step with George Bush. I'm exposing that record, and voters are angry about what he's been doing," Maffei said. "Once voters learn the truth about how he votes, his support evaporates."

"Voters are smart they already knew that George Bush and the Republican congress were hurting upstate New York, and now they are learning that Jim Walsh just goes along," Maffei continued.

This is excellent news and should increase Democratic chances of taking control of the House.


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