Monday, November 06, 2006

What Is The FBI Doing? An Essay in Pictures

The following are based on the FBI New Findings released today by TRAC

Staffing is up...


Particularly intelligence staffing (you know, the people looking for the terrorists)


So the question is, what is the FBI doing with all this extra staffing? Are they referring more cases to the US Attorneys? No, referrals are down:


So then maybe the referrals are higher quality? No, more of the referrals are being rejected by the US Attorneys, including terrorism referrals:

terror declinations

and terrorism prosecutions are down

terror prosecutions

as are sentences

terror sentences

So, exactly what is the FBI doing these days? Let's see who's being prosecuted based on FBI referrals...

White collar criminals? No, white collar crime prosecutions are down:


same for drugs


and organized crime.


In fact, total prosecutions are down.


So, is there any area where FBI referrals are leading to more prosecutions? Yes, one.

Obscenity and pornography prosecutions are up.


Your FBI. Keeping you safe from porn.