Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TV Time

Last night's chalice circle topic had to do with our relationship with food. Nobody but the leader knew the topic, and everybody but him brought food. Hah.

I got home pretty much after everyone had fallen asleep, so I cleaned up the kitchen and cycled some laundry and fed the cat. Then I stayed up for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

Jon interviewed Bill O'Reilly. Jon was a gracious host but didn't let Bill get away with much. Like this exchange:
Bill: There's a lot of bad people out there and it's our job to go after them.
Stewart: So when are you going to start?

What I realize TDS was doing by having O'Reilly on was giving their viewers a chance to see just who Colbert is parodying (how many Comedy Central viewers actually watch Fox News I wonder?) and that's why Jon didn't go too tough on him... it was a better lead-in for Colbert to give O'Reilly plenty of leash and let him foam at the mouth a bit. Which he did of course. 'Twas fun.

Colbert is clearly still ironing out the wrinkles in the show, at one point confessing how hard it is to fill a show with 22 minutes of news. But I enjoyed that as well. I'm going to miss them both when we dump our cable. But at least we'll still have it tonight for the 2nd season premiere of Drawn Together.

Wow this is the most focused I've been on TV since the last election.


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